Your perfect companion in all situations.

Your perfect companion in all situations.

WOO® Shape is a very multifunctional premium product due to its special formula.

The unique shape solution metabolises quickly and optimally before, during and after exercise and replaces a meal without you feeling hungry. During development, we placed great emphasis on the composition and quality of the selected raw materials and ingredients.


Packaging Unit:

  • Doses of 750 g
  • Re-filling bag of 750 g


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Fr. 79,00

Vanilla re-filling bag

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Cocoa re-filling bag

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The perfect combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats
  • MCT fats - When you choose the right fats in combination with carbohydrates and protein, fat is considered a good source of energy. WOO® Shape uses MCT fats. MCT fats can pass through the intestinal mucosa unchanged and be transported via the lymphatic system directly in the blood via the portal vein and to the liver. Furthermore, no transport protein (carnitine) is required for transport to the mitochondria, the energy power plants of the cells, in contrast to other fatty acids. MCT fats are thus digested easier and faster.
  • Carbohydrates - Carbohydrates use potato starch, which helps us achieve stable blood sugar levels and releases energy over a long period of time. Short-chain carbs and sugar are deliberately avoided.
  • Split protein - At protein we use isolate, also split protein. The whey protein isolate used is so highly refined that it is no longer recognised by the body as a milk protein and is even lactose-free. The positive effects such as an optimal aminoacid profile for regeneration and muscle building are therefore included. Lactose and other negative properties of milk protein are excluded.
WOO® Shape is characterised by ...
  • a very good feeling of satiety.
  • is lactose free.
  • is a pure macronutrient product. Vitamins and minerals are supplied via other WOO® products depending on the application.
WOO® Shape is used
  • Meal replacement or snack
  • Weight management
  • before sport as an energy supplier
  • during long sport endurance exercises
  • after sport as a recovery shake

Whey protein isolate, potato starch, MCT fat powder, low-fat cocoa powder, flavour, sweetener: sucralose and sodium saccharin

Nutritional information


  per 100g per portion (60g) % (60g)*
Energy value 1742 kJ 1045 12.5
  413 kcal 248 12.5
Fat 11.7 7 10
hereof saturated fatty acids 11 6.6  
Carbohydrates 31.5 19 7.3
hereof sugar <1 g <0.5  
Protein 44.3 26.6 15.2
Salt 0.99 g 0.6  


*Reference quantity for an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)