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WOO® Must-haves

Take care of your body with these favourite WOO® products from our customers.

WOO® Sports

Products before, during & after sport. For optimal nutrition for athletes.

WOO® Proteins

Important building material and energy supplier for your body.

WOO® Weight management

Successfully lose weight & keep it off with WOO® products.

WOO® Beauty & Detox

Your support for more beautiful skin, hair, nails & connective tissue.

WOO® Must-haves

WOO® Metabolic

Boost metabolism and burn fat.

From Fr. 84,00
plus shipping costs

WOO® Reset - 30 portion units of 15g

Dietary supplement with amino acids, vitamins and minerals

Fr. 87,00
plus shipping costs

WOO® Amino

Amino acids for a balanced diet

Fr. 58,00
plus shipping costs

WOO® Kollagen Nature Aroma

With collagen from Swiss production, amino acids and Care300®.

Fr. 73,00
plus shipping costs

WOO® range - Ideal food supplements

Our products are ideal food supplements and provide your body with important vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Many of our products are also vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free. We can analyse your metabolism to ensure that your weight management is successful. WOO® products help detoxify and purify your body, support a balanced acid-base balance and promote a balanced and healthy diet. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible care in every situation with our high-quality WOO® products. We develop our WOO® lifestyle and sports products on the basis of the latest scientific findings. We attach great importance to the opinions of our customers.

Dario Lillo
„The products from WOO® have convinced me very much.Especially the new WOO® Competition is indispensable for me in competitions.“
Eva Hürlimann
„I have been enthusiastic about WOO® products since 2019. WOO® products are perfect for training and competition, but they are also used in my stressful everyday life with three children. Then I know my body has everything it needs.“
Christian Biffiger, Tom Jauner and Charly Imoberdorf
„With WOO® products we are optimally supplied on the ski tour, well on the go and have enough stamina to keep up.“
Simon Ruff
„In my ultra cycling races I fully rely on WOO® products. With the WOO® Liquid Energy, the WOO® Shape and the WOO® Fast Endurance, I have the ideal mix to perform optimally for 36 hours and never fall into a hole.“