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Our products are excellent for all endurance sports.


An optimal micronutrient supply can bring you various benefits and can close gaps because of sports, nutrition and lifestyle.


Loosing weight with WOO® products.


Nature distinguishes only between young, well-fed and old, withered body cells. Take care of your 70 trillion cells.

For me, WOO® is one of the leading Swiss premium brands. The WOO® Ultra Endurance is particularly suitable for all kinds of endurance sports. I can only recommend it! Try it yourself!

Ronnie Schildknecht

I've been taking WOO® products for a year now. Thanks to them, I was able to celebrate my most successful season. The WOO® products are currently the best products for me and I can only recommend them.

Philipp Koutny

WOO® Liquid Energy is one of my favorite products from WOO®. I take it before every workout and sometimes during the workout. It optimally keeps my sugar level up and it activates my cells.

Kariem Hussein

I have been enthusiastic about WOO® products since 2019. WOO® products are perfect for training and competition, but they are also used in my stressful everyday life with three children. Then I know my body has everything it needs.

Eva Hürlimann

With WOO® products we are optimally supplied on the ski tour, well on the go and have enough stamina to keep up.

Christian Biffiger, Tom Jauner and Charly Imoberdorf

In my ultra cycling races I fully rely on WOO® products. With the WOO® Liquid Energy, the WOO® Shape and the WOO® Fast Endurance, I have the ideal mix to perform optimally for 36 hours and never fall into a hole.

Simon Ruff

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The current monthly promotion includes: 2 x WOO White Box Large for a total price of 344.- Fr. You will receive a free WOO Cell Protect box worth 50.- Fr. supplied free of charge.

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