WOO® Weight management

Reducing weight with WOO® products

The basis for successful weight management is always a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. With the selected WOO® products, you can support a weight-controlling diet.

More than 70 ingredients put together for a tasty drink.
Fr. 106,00
Dietary supplements with high fiber content, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, lactic acid bacteria and sweeteners
Fr. 119,00
WOO® Focus are flavored soft candies with the lemon balm extract Bluenesse®
Fr. 50,00
Dietary supplement with amino acids, vitamins and minerals
Fr. 87,00
Beverage powder with vitamins and minerals
From Fr. 1,60
Your perfect companion in all situations.
Fr. 79,00
An energy-providing drink with complex carbohydrates, fruit extracts, astaxanthin and micronutrients
Fr. 69,00
High protein content for building and maintaining the muscles
Fr. 48,00
Dietary supplement with essential amino acids and sweeteners
From Fr. 2,00
Dietary supplements with amino-acids, vitamins, magnesium and sweeteners
Fr. 84,50
Your exercise program for your metabolism.
Fr. 172,00
Your exercise program for your metabolism.
Fr. 113,00