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WOO® Vital Plus - Strengthen yout immune system in a natural way

Strengthen your defences with WOO® Vital Plus.

Fr. 106,00

WOO® BaoCol Formula

Dietary supplements with high fiber content, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, lactic acid bacteria and sweeteners

Fr. 119,00

WOO® Fast Endurance

The energy drink for before, during and after any exercise

Fr. 34,00

WOO® Reset - Fast regeneration and optimal deacidification

WOO® Reset is particularly suitable for everyday use. Up to three portions can be taken daily as a drink between meals and in the evening shortly before sleeping.

From Fr. 69,00

WOO® Beauty - for beautiful skin, hair & nails

WOO® Beauty - The product for protection and care of your skin, nails, connective tissue and cells.

Fr. 134,00

WOO® Cell Protect Plus: Protect cells & immune system

For protection of the cell from oxidation stress

Fr. 60,00

WOO® Liquid Energy

For more energy, stamina & strenght

From Fr. 7,50

WOO® Shape

Your perfect companion in all situations.

Fr. 79,00

WOO® Protein

High protein content for building and maintaining the muscles

Fr. 58,00

WOO® Kollagen

WOO® Kollagen helps with normal functioning of the blood vessels, skin, bones and cartilage function

Fr. 84,50

WOO® Vegan

WOO® Vegan is a high-protein flavoured beverage powder made from vegetable proteins.

Fr. 48,00

WOO® Shaker

WOO® Shaker sorgt für den optimalen Genuss der WOO® Produkte

Fr. 5,00

WOO® Drinking bottle

WOO® Trinkflasche die stylische Begleitung

Fr. 5,00

WOO® Carrying bag black

WOO® Tragtasche die nachhaltige Alternative

Fr. 5,00

WOO® Towel

WOO® Handtuch das ideale Accessoire

Fr. 25,00

WOO® Headband

WOO® Stirnband für den perfekten Halt im Alltag

Fr. 19,00

WOO® Radian 940 ml Blender Shaker

WOO® Radian ist geruchsabweisend, spülmaschinenfest und stoßfest.

Fr. 28,00

WOO® Sports socks

WOO® Sportsocken für den angenehmen Komfort mit Schweißabsonderungen

Fr. 16,00

WOO® Cycling clothing

WOO® Radsportbekleidung - Bekleidung für Männer und Frauen

Fr. 240,00


The sports drink for long and ultra-long endurance exercise

Fr. 79,00

WOO® White Box Large

Your exercise program for your metabolism.

Fr. 185,00

WOO® Visor

WOO® Visor bequemer Blendschutz – auch über längere Zeit angenehm zu tragen.

Fr. 17,50

WOO® BioBased Drinking bottle

The WOO® Bio-Based Drinking Bottle is manufactured on the basis of biological raw materials (sugar cane) and is dishwasher safe, food safe and completely recyclable.

Fr. 7,50

WOO® Amino - Amino acids for a balanced diet

WOO® Amino can help with an unbalanced diet to supply missing essential amino acids to the body. The ideal dietary supplement.

From Fr. 2,00

WOO® White Box small

Your exercise program for your metabolism.

Fr. 130,00

WOO® Booster

The new WOO® Booster with 13 natural vitamins, containing caffeine.

Fr. 59,00

WOO® Shape Vegan

WOO® Shape replaces a meal without feeling hungry.

Fr. 79,00

WOO® Basic+

WOO® Basic+ supports the acid-base balance, nourishes our intestinal flora and has a digestive effect.

Fr. 34,00

WOO® Face towel

Your trendy companion.

Fr. 29,00

WOO® Glass bottle

The WOO® glass bottle is dishwasher safe, leak-proof and heat-resistant.

Fr. 29,00

WOO® Metabolic - Stimulate yout metabolism and burn fat

Stimulate your metabolism and burn fat whilst at the same time giving your immune system a boost in a natural way.

From Fr. 84,00

WOO® Intermediate Box - Promote your awareness of healthy eating.

WOO® Intermediate Box is a 30-day nutrition plan which stimulates the metabolism and burns fat

Fr. 150,00

WOO® women's sports bra

WOO® women's sports bra for long training sessions

Fr. 69,00

WOO® men's boxer shorts

Body-defining underwear

Fr. 15,00

WOO® Amino Plus - Food supplement with essential amino acids

WOO® Amino Plus the ideal food supplement with essential amino acids, L-carnitine and ribose. The food supplement for a balanced diet.

Fr. 79,00

WOO® Ingwer Formula - Boost metabolism, stimulate blood circulation

Boost metabolism, stimulate blood circulation. A natural help for the stressed intestine.

Fr. 79,00

WOO® Zip Sweatjacke

Sweat jacket with zipper

Fr. 99,00

WOO® Zip Sweatjacke

Stylish hoodie

Fr. 84,00

WOO® Kollagen Nature Aroma - Protein for skin, hair and joints!

WOO® Kollagen helps with normal blood vessel, skin, bone and cartilage function.

Fr. 73,00

WOO® Protein Bar gives the body energy

The WOO® Protein Bar made from high-quality calories is an excellent protein bar for athletes or people looking for an alternative to classic bars.

From Fr. 48,00

WOO® Baseball Cap

WOO® Baseball Cap

Fr. 29,00

WOO® Blender Inox Shaker

WOO® Blender Inox Shaker

Fr. 49,00