Kollagen Tropical

Skin, hair, joints, bones

Kollagen Tropical
Skin, hair, joints, bones

WOO® Kollagen Tropical

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Food supplement with amino acids, vitamins, magnesium and sweetener. WOO® Kollagen is used to keep the body healthy.
Skin, hair, joints, bones


Packaging Unit:

  • Dose 450 g (30 portion units of 15g)
Product information:

The product information is currently being revised!

Who is it for?

Who is WOO® Kollagen suitable for:

WOO® Kollagen is a product for beauty from within. For anyone who wants to strengthen, firm and stabilise their body. But the product is also ideal for athletes. WOO® Kollagen supports the function of a heavily stressed musculoskeletal system, such as joints, tendons and ligaments.

How to use

Recommendation for use:

Add a measuring spoon (15 g) to a glass of water (200 ml). Then stir in, mix and drink. Do not exceed the daily intake of 1 portion.

Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Store in a dry, cool and closed place, out of the reach of small children.

Nutritional values & ingredients

Nutritional values WOO® Kollagen tropical

  per 100 g per serving 15g
Calorific value 1514 kJ 227 kJ
  356 kcal 53 kcal
Fat <0.1 g <0.1 g
Carbohydrates 10.9 g 1.6 g
Protein 71.6 g 10.7 g


  per 100g % NRV (15g)* per serving 15g
Vitamin C 1067mg 200mg 160mg
Vitamin B6 14mg 150mg 2,1mg
Magnesium 500mg 20mg 75mg

*% of the reference value (NRV) according to Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011


Other ingredients:

  per 100g per serving 15g

L-cysteine hydrochloride

967mg 145mg
thereof L-cysteine 667mg 100mg


913mg 137mg

*% of the reference value (NRV) according to Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011



Collagen hydrolisate (77 %), dextrose, acidifier citric acid, flavouring, magnesium citrate, L-ascorbic acid, L-cysteine hydrochloride, L-tryptophan, mango fruit powder, colouring agent betanin, sweetener steviol glycosides, pyridoxine hydrochloride.


Average amino acid content

L-Lysin* 3,3%, L-Leucin* 2,8%, L-Valin* 2,4%, L-Phenylalanin* 2,1%, L-Threonin* 1,9%, L-Isoleucin* 1,5%, L-Tryptophan* 1,2%, L-Methionin* 0,6 %, Glycin 20,2%, L-Glutaminsäure 12. 2 %, L-Prolin 11,3 %, L-Hydroxprolin 11,2 %, L-Arginin 8,3 %, L-Alanin 8 %, L-Asparginsäure 6,5 %, L-Serin 3,3 %, L-Hydroxylysin 1,2 %, L-Cystein 0,9 %, L-Histidin 0,8 %, L-Tyrosin 0,5 %.


*Essential amino acids

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Ria | 13.01.2021
Sichtbare Veränderungen schon nach einem Monat
Ich habe das Produkt einen Monat lang getestet und bin begeistert. Meine Haut wurde reiner und straffer. Im Winter leide ich oft an trockener Haut - Seit ich WOO Kollagen getestet habe, war das schon viel besser! Geschmacklich (Tropical) ganz gut!